May 22, 2024

Leadership for the Future w/ Katherine Longhi

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Speaking of Cults...The Big Problems in Landmark Forum

May 22, 2024

Each week we meet one ordinary change maker making an extraordinary impact in the world. And this week, we have Author and serial entrepreneur, Anne Peterson, delighting us with a conversation around leadership in the self-development industry space. This year, Anne published a courageous book about her experiences as a leader and working closely with industry giants in the self-development industry titled "Is This a Cult?: Confronting the Line Between Transformation and Exploitation".  In our conversation, we dive deep into how we need to lead ourselves first so we can lead others and organizations in a healthy and sustainable way. 


Anne Peterson

Anne has spent 20+ years selling, producing and facilitating transformative programs for an international personal & professional growth & development company, Landmark Worldwide.

Since leaving, she has launched a business of her own dedicated to the safe and ethical practice of providing personal development.

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