Episode 29 (part 1):

Is This A Cult? with Anne L. Peterson

April 23, 2024

In this 2 part series, Evelyn chats with author Anne L. Peterson. Anne has been in the personal development space for 20 plus years. Anne has recently released her book "Is This A Cult: Confronting the Line Between Transformation and Exploitation"  in which she shares her previous experience working with a large well known personal development organization, one of the biggest worldwide.

The two then discuss the risks and impact of cults in personal development, the importance of critical thinking, recognizing origins of information, and ethical considerations.

Listeners are urged to proceed with caution as the discussion may evoke strong emotions. This podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only. Resources for self-care and further exploration are available in the show notes.Please note that the thoughts and views expressed in this podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the podcast as a whole. Listener discretion is advised.

Evelyns Podcast is called The Twisted Plot and is available on all major podcast platforms. The links here are to Apple Podcasts. 

Episode 29(part 2):

Is This A Cult? with Anne L Peterson

April 30, 2024

Welcome back to the Twists Plot Podcast with Evelyn Marley. In this episode, Evelyn continues her insightful conversation with Anne Peterson, delving deeper into the complexities of personal development and the journey of self-discovery.

Episode Highlights:
Anne reflects on the importance of fostering diverse perspectives within personal development communities, drawing parallels to her observations of leadership dynamics in various settings.

The discussion navigates the nuances of control and influence within charismatic leadership structures, shedding light on the intricate relationships between leaders and their followers.

Evelyn and Anne explore the concept of grace in self-forgiveness, acknowledging the challenges of recognizing and rectifying past complicity in harmful situations.

Anne shares her journey of awakening to the realities of abuse and exploitation within personal development spaces, emphasizing the necessity of taking time and approaching self-discovery with patience and self-compassion.

The conversation touches on the significance of critical thinking, ethical practice, and responsible engagement in personal growth endeavors, emphasizing the importance of aligning with values and seeking authentic, evidence-based resources.

Anne offers insights into her ongoing initiatives, including Illuminate Life and collaborations with Seek Safely, aimed at promoting safe, ethical practices in personal development and providing resources for practitioners and consumers alike.

Join us as we unravel the complexities of personal development and navigate the path toward authentic growth and self-discovery. Remember, the journey may be challenging, but with patience, self-compassion, and a commitment to ethical practice, we can illuminate the path forward.


Anne Peterson

Anne has spent 20+ years selling, producing and facilitating transformative programs for an international personal & professional growth & development company, Landmark Worldwide.

Since leaving, she has launched a business of her own dedicated to the safe and ethical practice of providing personal development.

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