June 18, 2024

How Did I Get HERE w/ Brian Nord & Erik Rojas

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We have Questions?!

"How did we get here?" Brian and Erik are unpacking their experience, asking questions like, "What just happened?"; "Is This a Cult?" - "If it is a cult, is Landmark a destructive cult" - "what is a high control group?" - What are "Large Group Awareness Trainings" - "Is this talking about this worth it?" - "Why do so many people need to heal after this..." These conversations are intended to make sense of the Landmark experience, and to take a critical look once out of the bubble.
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Brian and Erik’s reflections encapsulate a journey of disentangling themselves from the Landmark experience, a type of Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT). Here's a breakdown of the key points and questions they're considering:

1. "What just happened?"
- This question addresses the immediate need to process and understand their experiences within Landmark. It's about recognizing and acknowledging the impact of the training on their lives and perspectives.

2. "Is This a Cult?"
- They are questioning whether Landmark exhibits characteristics of a cult. This involves examining the organization’s influence over its members, the level of control it exerts, and whether it fits the broader definitions of a cult.

3. "If it is a cult, is Landmark a destructive cult?"
- This goes further to determine if Landmark not only fits the definition of a cult but also if it operates in a way that is harmful or exploitative to its members.

4. "What is a high control group?"
- High control groups are organizations that maintain a high level of influence and regulation over their members' lives. Understanding this concept helps Brian and Erik evaluate the degree of control Landmark exerted over them.

5. "What are Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGATs)?"
- LGATs are intense, often multi-day programs designed to facilitate personal growth and transformation. Exploring what LGATs are can provide context to the methods and objectives of Landmark and similar organizations.

6. "Is talking about this worth it?"
- This reflects their consideration of the value and consequences of discussing their experiences openly. It’s about weighing the potential benefits of raising awareness and processing their experiences against possible backlash or emotional distress.

7. "Why do so many people need to heal after this?"
- They are exploring why participants often feel the need to heal after leaving Landmark. This involves understanding the emotional, psychological, and sometimes financial impacts that such experiences can have.

By asking these questions, Brian and Erik are seeking to critically analyze their time with Landmark Worldwide, understand its broader implications, and determine how best to move forward with their lives post-involvement. They are aiming to gain clarity on whether Landmark's methods were beneficial or harmful, and to process the experience in a way that fosters healing and personal growth.


Anne Peterson

Anne has spent 20+ years selling, producing and facilitating transformative programs for an international personal & professional growth & development company, Landmark Worldwide.

Since leaving, she has launched a business of her own dedicated to the safe and ethical practice of providing personal development.

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